Worshipping at the Lamington Crossroads Since 1740
Celebrating 277 Years of Ministry!
We are a family of faith wrapping our arms around God's world
and making Jesus Christ a way of life
through worship, as we praise and glorify God;
through study, as we listen for God's Word in body, mind and spirit;
through mission, as we embody God's love in service to the world;
through giving, as we express gratitude to God;
through fellowship, as we love and care for one another.
Please Join Us for Sunday Worship at 10:15AM


Prayer for Las Vegas

Once again an unbearable, mass shooting tragedy has cast a pall of sorrow on this nation. We join with others in mourning the loss of so many lives, innocent lives taken suddenly and with such incomprehensible violence. Our prayers and thoughts are with the families of those who died, of the more than 500 injured, the first-responders, and the entire community of Las Vegas.

O God,

Out of the depths we cry to you; hear our cries of grief and lament in the wake of this horror and sadness. Surround those whose lives have been forever changed and whose hearts now beat in pain with your mercy. May your abiding presence and grace strengthen those who mourn in the difficult days that lie ahead. Amen.

Disaster Relief Information

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the people affected by the recent natural disasters here and around the world—hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose & Maria; the earthquakes in Mexico, the wildfires out west, monsoon flooding and tropical storms in Asia and Africawe pray for healing, strength and comfort as they deal with death, destruction, enormous loss and the many life changes. The needs related to the relief and recovery will be both immediate and ongoing.

In addition to praying, you can help by making an online donation to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, one of the many organizations mobilizing relief efforts, by clicking on the link: http://pda.pcusa.org

You may also put a check made out to Lamington Presbyterian Church in the collection plate during the Sunday worship services, noting “Presbyterian Disaster Assistance” on the memo line.

Ways to Serve and be Community

Serve with Us! SHIP's Galley Soup Kitchen--On the third Friday of each month, volunteers gather at Lamington Church to prepare meals for SHIP's. Join us next on Friday, October 20 in the Lamington Church kitchen at 10:00AM to prepare bag lunches for this local mission. If you are able to help with this project please call Mary Jenkins at (908) 704-9197. Volunteers will then go to St. John’s Episcopal Church (158 West High Street, Somerville) to distribute the bag lunches. Note: We are looking for someone to be the LPC food/volunteer coordinator. If interested, please contact Mission Chair, Scott Campbell.


Happening this Fall at LPC

It’s that Time of Year Again at Woodlands Wildlife Refuge: The Woodlands Wildlife Refuge (http://www.woodlandswildlife.org/) is in need of acorns—and this year looks like a bumper crop! Do you have acorns in your yard? Then grab a paper bag or cardboard box (any container that can be recycled and won’t hold moisture) and collect as many as you can. What a fun family activity that really helps the animals—Woodlands Wildlife Refuge has many orphaned and injured wild animals that need to eat acorns through the winter. Bring your acorns to church—there is a collection spot outside the Sanctuary doors by the Gladish room. 

Adult Bible Study: Study with Us! Join us for Adult Bible Study on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-7:30PM in the Gladish Room. We’ll be studying 1 Corinthians – Paul’s wonderful letter to the church at Corinth – a group of believers that were having some problems. Paul’s direct responses to their troubles gives us a glimpse into church life in the first century. Not surprisingly, it reflects some of the same difficulties in church life today. Thankfully, Paul’s letter reveals in exquisite, vivid detail what any church can become by God’s grace. Need more information? Please contact Jacqui at (908) 572-7013.