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We are a family of faith wrapping our arms around God's world
and making Jesus Christ a way of life
through worship, as we praise and glorify God;
through study, as we listen for God's Word in body, mind and spirit;
through mission, as we embody God's love in service to the world;
through giving, as we express gratitude to God;
through fellowship, as we love and care for one another.
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Letter from the Interim Pastor

Dear Members & Friends of LPC,

It is a privilege to inform you that the Session, at the request of the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC), has called a special meeting of the congregation on Sunday, December 10, 2017, immediately following the worship service.The purpose is to hear their report and act upon the recommendation of the PNC that the candidate be LPC’s next Pastor.

In keeping with Presbyterian polity, the PNC will not share the candidate's name, where s/he serves, or any other biographical information until December 10. The reason being is that the candidate has not told the congregation where s/he is presently serving that s/he is a candidate for pastor at another church. Such information is only shared by pastors after their future congregation votes to call them.

On Sunday, December 10, the candidate will help lead worship including preaching the sermon. After the benediction, we will begin the meeting process by determining that a quorum is present. I will moderate this meeting as I have done with all other congregational meetings that have occurred during my time as Interim Pastor.

The congregational meeting will unfold in the following manner:  After the meeting is called to order and opened with prayer, I will ask for the report of the PNC. The PNC will give its report, including terms of call, and the introduction and presentation of the candidate. At the report’s conclusion, the PNC chair will make a recommendation that the congregation call the candidate as the next Pastor. I will then ask if there are any questions from the congregation for the PNC or for the candidate. When there are no further questions, the candidate will be escorted from the sanctuary by a member of the PNC.

I then will ask if the congregation is ready to proceed with the election of the candidate as Pastor. If so, I will declare the candidate’s name to be in nomination as your next Pastor. The congregation will vote on the following:  "Whether The Lamington Presbyterian Church, under the will of God, shall approve the terms of call and elect the Rev. _____ to be its Pastor." The vote will be taken by ballot. It will be a "Yes" or "No" vote.

There are some other rules to know in terms of congregational voting according to our polity. Only Active Members may vote (those who formally joined this congregation through the act of Session by Affirmation of Faith, Reaffirmation of Faith or by Letter of Transfer). Voting by proxy or by absentee is never permitted in a congregational meeting. A majority of the voters present and voting is required to elect the candidate as Pastor. Additionally, some members will be designated ahead of time to count the ballots and report the results of the vote to me. I will then report the results to the congregation.

If "the way be clear," by an affirmative vote, I will ask for a motion that the PNC, having completed its work, be dissolved with appreciation and gratitude for their service. Afterwards, the Pastor-elect will be escorted back into the sanctuary to be welcomed by the congregation. The congregational meeting will close with prayer. If you have questions, please contact me (jacquivanvliet@gmail.com). I share the great anticipation and excitement of your PNC and hope you will be present at worship and the special congregational meeting on Sunday, December 10.

In faith and with gratitude,




Congregational Meeting
Sunday, December 10, 2017
immediately following worship

A meeting of the Congregation and the Corporation of The Lamington Presbyterian Church, Bedminster, NJ has been called by the Session to be held in the Sanctuary on Sunday, December 10, 2017 immediately following worship. The purposes for the meeting will be:

To hear the report of the Pastor Nominating Committee
To act on the recommendation of the PNC that the candidate be LPC’s next Pastor. The candidate will preach at the 10:15AM worship service on Sunday, December 10.


LPC Calendar—November & December

5    All Saints Sunday
17    SHIP's Galley Soup Kitchen in Somerville
20    Thanksgiving Turkeys delivered to E'port
21-24    Church Offices Closed

3    1st Sunday of Advent
10:15AM Worship: Pledge Sunday
after worship: Wreath Making; Chili Cook-Off/Brownie Bake-Off
10    2nd Sunday of Advent
10:15AM Worship
after worship: Congregational Meeting
after meeting: Christmas treat bag assembly for E'port
15    SHIP's Galley Soup Kitchen in Somerville
17    3rd Sunday of Advent
10:15AM Worship: Christmas Pageant
21    Deliver Christmas treat bags to E'port
24    4th Sunday of Advent
Christmas Eve Services:
10:15AM Worship
5:00PM Lessons and Carols with Candlelight
9:00PM Meditation & Communion with Candlelight
25-29    Church Offices Closed
31    10:15AM Worship   

1    Church Offices Closed


Annual Holiday Wreath Making

Wreaths, Chili and Brownies!

On Sunday December 3, the Lamington Church family will continue its tradition of making our beautiful Christmas wreath for the front entrance of the church. We will be making our large Lamington Church Christmas Wreath while sampling a wonderful variety of chili recipes. A children's brownie bake-off will be the sweet ending to this fun event. The wreath making festivities will begin after worship so remember to dress casually. Sign-up sheets for chili chefs and brownie bakers are in the Gladish Room. If you have any questions, please contact Debby Johnson at (908) 832-7230 or debrabjohnson@gmail.com.

Note: We will need lots and lots of greens to create a lovely wreath!If you have greens of any type: holly, yew, cedar, boxwood, evergreen—you can begin dropping off the cuttings behind the Gladish Room during the week of November 26.


Readers for 5:00PM & 9:00PM Christmas Eve Services

Calling all children, youth and adults who are willing to be greeters or readers of scripture lessons and help contribute to sharing the good news of Christmas! For December 24, we are preparing a 5:00PM family service of Lessons and Carols full of celebration for the birth of Jesus, and a 9:00PM service with a Meditation and Communion. Both are candlelight services. Please leave your name on the sign up sheet outside the church office or contact the church office by Sunday, December 3.


E’port Christmas

Calling All Elves!!

Lend us a helping hand! We will be assembling Christmas treat bags for the pre-school age children of Elizabethport. Come and join us after the Congregational Meeting on Sunday, December 10 for a wonderful time of fellowship and mission—be sure to grab a snack at coffee hour and then head-on up to the upstairs classrooms. Questions? Please contact Alison Paine, (908) 303-2173 or Chris Smith, (908) 208-0233. Also—we need youth elves to help us deliver the treat bags to the E’port children on Thursday, December 21. Youth elves will spend the morning with the children reading storybooks and doing crafts. Let us know if you would like to help—we will leave LPC at 8:30AM and return at 1:00PM.


Ways to Serve and be Community

SHIP’S Galley Soup Kitchen—On the third Friday of each month, volunteers from Lamington Church gather to prepare meals for SHIP’s. Join us next on Friday, December 15 to help prepare and serve a hot meal at this local mission. Volunteers will meet at 11:00AM at St. John’s Episcopal Church (158 West High Street, Somerville). If you are able to help with this project, please call Dyanne Diaz-Piedra. Note: We are looking for someone to be the LPC food/volunteer coordinator. If interested, please contact mission chair, Scott Campbell. 


Bible Study at LPC

Adult Bible Study: Study with Us! Join us for Adult Bible Study on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-7:30PM in the Gladish Room. We’ll be studying 1 Corinthians – Paul’s wonderful letter to the church at Corinth – a group of believers that were having some problems. Need more information? Please contact Jacqui at jacquivanvliet@gmail.com.