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Giving Thanks for the Life of Joan Baird

“And Bob Dylan Too”     By Mary Oliver

 “Anything worth thinking about is worth

            singing about"

 Which is why we have songs of praise, songs of love, songs

            of sorrow.

 Songs to Yahweh, creator

            of so many things.

 Songs the shepherds sing, on the

            lonely mountains, while the sheep

                        are honoring the grass, by eating it.

 The dance-songs of the bees, to tell

            Where the flowers, suddenly, in the

                        morning light, have opened.

 A chorus of many, shouting to heaven,

            or at it, or pleading.

 Or that greatest of love affairs, a violin

            and a human body.

 And a composer, maybe hundreds of years dead.

 I think of Schubert, scribbling on a café


                     Thank you, thank you.

 We remember Joan Baird this morning saying: Thank you, thank you.

Before the sun brought the light of a new day, Joan died peacefully in her sleep.

We remember Joan Baird saying: Thank you, thank you.

We give thanks for her gracious presence. We give thanks for her beautiful stories. We give thanks for her tireless hands making gifts for friends, family members and strangers. We give thanks for her love for her three children. We give thanks for her love for her dog Squeak. We give thanks for the ways that Joan uniquely wrapped her love around God’s World and the Lamington Presbyterian Church family.

Please lift up the Baird family and surround them in prayer as they surround themselves in God’s love during this time.

We offer ourselves to God on this day saying: Thank you, thank you.